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Rafael Raulin Pichardo is an Immigration Attorney with experience in all family related immigration matters.

He attended Wesleyan University and graduated with a degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish Literature and thereafter worked in the non-profit sector for about four and a half years before he graduated from law school.

He attended Law School at the University of Connecticut where he also completed a certificate program in international human rights law. His work after law school has always focused on immigrants, their rights from the human rights perspective, and from the US immigration perspective. With the aim of providing services that considered not only the immediate needs of immigrants but also their long-term needs he began his law practice which serves clients with the following immigration matters:

  • Naturalization- complicated citizenship matters including those involving criminal issues and barriers to good moral character.
  • Removal / Deportation – representation of lawful permanent residents and unauthorized immigrants before the Immigration courts to help stop deportation.
  • Applications for Permanent Residence- we assist those who are ready to complete the last step in their journey towards permanent residence either through the consular process abroad or adjustment of status before USCIS.
  • Family Based Petitions – petitions for family members such as spouses, children, parents, and siblings of US permanent residents or US citizens.

Immigration is all that we do at Immigrant legal assistance and we are dedicated to serving our clients with the best service focused on helping families reunite and live their lives together in the United States. For more information about Rafael’s story and how he became so passionate about helping immigrants please see my bio.


Legal Immigration Services

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Visa Assessment

If you are applying for a Visa to go to the US it’s smart to get a visa assessment to determine the likelihood of your success. First Rafael R. Pichardo Immigration Attorney assists you in exploring your temporary and permanent residence visa options based on work history and family background. Then, Rafael R. Pichardo checks whether you satisfy the requirements for a particular visa and provides analysis of your chances to qualify.

Consultation Services

Rafael R. Pichardo’s immigration consultation services include: Assessing the best visa option, determining visa eligibility, Identifying legal issues, advice to strengthen case, coaching for interview and answering  all your questions. Please schedule a in person consultation or book a phone consultation today.

Legal Representation

Rafael R. Pichardo provides full service legal representation to non citizens and has extensive experience in all areas of immigration. Please call now to schedule a consultation.

What Clients Say

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I have had the pleasure of working with Rafael. His knowledge, professionalism and overall pleasantness made the process easier. He assisted me every step of the way in applying for an H1B Visa I would highly recommend Rafael R. Pichardo Immigration Attorney!
Maria C.


I was trying to get a K1 fiance visa myself and it’s not rocket science but 1 year went by and it just was not getting done. Rafael gently pushed me into action and his help was worth the money. Now she’s happy and I’m happy too. Thanks
Jesus O.


Working with Rafael was a great experience, I just finished my consultation and I must say that he was excellent and reassuring. Now that I have a plan the stress has gone way down.
Laura H.


I wish to thank Rafael R. Pichardo Immigration Attorney for his time and for the valuable advice he gave me. I shall certainly recommend Rafael to my friends with immigration issues.
Ronnie H.

You’re a saviour! Thanks a million for your help, this means so much to us. Really really appreciate your help. My phone consultation was fast & easy and I learned eerything I needed to know.
Priscilla M.

I received some excellent advice on how my mother should apply for her visitor’s visa after she got rejected once. After Rafael helped us she get approved and it was a huge relief.
Sonjia H.

rafael-about-smallRafael R. Pichardo immigration Attorney started with a dream to offer greatl U.S. immigration legal services at affordable costs to people around the world who are in need of immigration services.

Rafael R. Pichardo immigration Attorney is on a mission to become the leader in Hartford Connecticut  immigration services.

Customer support is the corner stone of our business! We are committed to serving our clients with real-time support 24-7!


Rafael R. Pichardo’ s guarantees he will thoroughly review your circumstances, select the appropriate visa and submit an accurate application to the necessary Government Agencies.

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